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$46.00 $72.00
Beloved ~ Gold or Silver
$40.00 $62.00
Bloom ~ Gold or Silver
Pure Cashmere Wrap ~ 11 colors
Fine Knit Wool Poncho ~ 3 colors
Fine Woven Wool Jacquard Scarf
Pure Wool Scarf
Kimono Robe ~Rust Waves
Kimono Robe ~ Teal Paisley
Kimono Robe ~ Peacock Garden
Kimono Robe ~ Tree of Life
18 x 18 Throw Pillow cover
26 x 26 Throw Pillow cover
Quilt ~ King
Quilt ~ King
Quilt ~ King
Quilt ~ King
Iron Lotus Candle Stand
Double Wood Block Hooks
Kashmiri Papier Mache Box ~ Round Coaster Set of 5/ 4.5 round
Kashmiri Papier Mache Box ~  7.5" x 4" Octogon
Mens Soap & Fragrance ~ Orange Patchouli
Mens Soap & Fragrance ~ Tonka Vetiver
Men's Soap & Fragrance ~ Olibanum Citrus
Mens Soap & Fragrance ~ Cedar Lavender
Table Cloth 90 x 108 ~ Turquoise, Rose, Taupe
Table Cloth 60" x 108"
Table Cloth 72" x 108"
Table Cloth 72" x 108"
Bunting Baby Set ~ Purple/Green
Bunting Baby Set ~ Pink/Green
Bunting Baby Set ~ Yellow/Blue
Bunting Baby Set ~ Turquoise & Purple
Miki Indigo Jacket
Hand-woven Khadi Tunic - Peacock
Hand-woven Khadi Tunic - Mango
Hand-woven Khadi Tunic - Kiwi
Cashmere vs. Wool - Goats vs. Sheep!

Cashmere vs. Wool - Goats vs. Sheep!

Is cashmere some kind of wool and why is it so expensive? Goats grow hair and sheep grow wool. Cashmere comes from a goat and wool comes from a sheep. 


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One Million Tiny Stitches - Vintage Kantha Quilts

One Million Tiny Stitches - Vintage Kantha Quilts

Kanthas originate in Bangladesh and the eastern states of India, where women stitch together layer upon layer of old saris and cotton scraps to create thin throws used as blankets and cushions. The ultimate in upcycling and recycling!

Kanthas are whimsically different on both sides with delightfully boho unmatched prints and colors. Just flip them over to find a complementary color and pattern on the underside. Kantha throws are a one of a kind item which don’t come in one single color and are organic and eco-friendly. As these are made by old recycled saris they may have some loose threads, open ends, small spots/stain and small patches which are not considered defects, as the item is made of vintage material. 

How can you use kantha quilts in your home? 

Layer them over your sofa at the ready to snuggle and to add a pop of color.

 Kanthas make great table covers...thin enough that glasses won't wobble...

Photo by Thomas Loof

If you are handy with needle and thread, kantha quilts make durable and fun pillow covers and furniture covers like ottomans and benches. 

Photo by Justina Blakeney


Shop Vintage Kantha Quilts at our retail location Marigold Way in Northeast Minneapolis. Here are details of a few of the pieces we've collected for you from Rajasthan, India. 

Ranging in size from 48" x 80" to 92" x 62 we sell them for $120 each.

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What is Olibanum and the Story of Maroma

What is Olibanum and the Story of Maroma

"Just what is Olibanum? " I instantly fell in love with the scent of the Olibanum Citrus essential oil and soap and I now prefer to wear it over a sweeter scent.

Crafted in the beautiful seaside town of Auroville on the east coast of South India. All of Maroma's products use clean and pure essential oils and botanical extracts, with the added bonus of being vegan, cruelty-free and never tested on animals. We love carrying the Maroma body care and home fragrance products in our store.

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