Cashmere vs. Wool - Goats vs. Sheep!

Cashmere vs. Wool - Goats vs. Sheep!

"Does cashmere itch like some wool and why is it so expensive?" 

Wool is the coat of a Sheep with many different breeds, textures, crimps, thickness and lengths. A strand of wool contains barbs varying from fine to coarse which causes wool to felt when washed with detergent, water and agitation and can irritate sensitive skin.

Cashmere comes from Goats with coats of hair. This hair does NOT have the barbs and therefore will not scratch and irritate skin.

Our Cashmere goat is the Ibex breed which lives 10,000 feet or higher in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir, India on the border with Pakistan. To protect themselves from the extreme winter cold, these goats grow an ultra fine dense layer of downy undercoat which is called cashmere. In the spring, the goats rub their bellies on shrubs to remove their winer down. The cashmere is collected in the wild, spun into fine yarn and hand woven on traditional looms. 

Cashmere - is the super soft and insulating downy undercoat for winter. 8 times warmer than wool with a light, airy and fluid drape.

Wool - varies dramatically based on the breed, from springy to silky, fine to coarse thickness. Can be more durable and allows for structured fabrics.

Cashmere - a goat yields only a few ounces a year of cashmere fiber by shedding their winter downy layer. Our cashmere is handpicked from bushes in the wild. ~ thereby more expensive.

Wool - bred for thick, plentiful coats and 1-2 shearings per year.

Marigold Way's high quality and luxurious 100% genuine cashmere wraps and infinity scarves are handwoven for us by two families in Kashmir, India.

Our wraps are woven in their natural colors, then some are hand dyed resulting in the delicate halo of colors at Marigold Way.


Katrina Ulrich

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