Pondering the Pop-Up Shop

Pondering the Pop-Up Shop

This will be our last weekend welcoming guests to Marigold Way’s Pop-Up Shop in my home. I've been rewarded with a wonderful experience and wanted to share my thoughts.

Please Join!
Friday, Dec. 15th, 4pm - 8pm
Sat. & Sun., Dec. 16-17th, 10am - 6pm

MAKING SPACE: The act of clearing the main floor of my family's personal items was surprisingly simple and felt like a cleansing - similar to the ritual cleaning before Chinese New Year.

SETTING UP SHOP: I must confess that Katrina, my partner did most of this task. She has the eye, she lovingly sourced and designed the products and her nomadic market vendor persona takes over. There’s something completely stress-free in taking direction rather than being in charge.

INVENTORY: Pure Joy - imagine unpacking treasure after treasure and thoughtfully finding just the right place in your home. It’s the feeling of opening presents on Christmas morning and baking cookies, trimming the tree, and spending the rest of Winter Break with my sister redecorating our shared bedroom with our new gifts.

OPEN HOUSE: In our home, food and drink is love and we’re lucky to have friends who keep us stocked with treats! An abundance of drinks hot/cold for both young and old with a winter’s worth stash of hearty food. Guaranteed to have crockpot leftover surprises for the rest of the week. We greeted friends and neighbors and it felt very much like a party. Introductions were made, stories told of Katrina’s travels and of the women, families and villages where these treasures are created. It’s exciting to share your passions with your friends and receive their good wishes.

CONNECTIONS: People make a community and during this holiday season at the beginning of winter, it’s a good time to appreciate each other and socialize before the shorter and slower rhythm of winter days. Visitors dropped in all weekend, supportive friends & family, serious shoppers, curious neighbors… all wishing us well for our new shop soon to open in the spring. We've gathered these connections and promise to share… we’ll tell the women of Blue Mango how children hug their sewn toys and choose their favorite one. We’ll thank the family in Oaxaca, Mexico for the colorful variety of tin ornaments and pass on the stories of favorite giraffe, pineapple or chili peppers. We’ll tell our quiltmakers in Jaipur, India how the work of their hands is making a Minnesota winter warmer. And we’ll share with our Kashmir papier-mâché artists how birds are loved all over the world and how theirs are hanging on our holiday trees.

GRATITUDE: Gratitude is the banner we’re carrying going into our last weekend of Marigold Way’s Pop-Up Shop. Our future is full of health and light, we’re making an impact with our passions and connecting people together with our work.

Thank you for supporting our shop and touching all of our lives here and overseas.
Jenny & Katrina ~ Marigold Way
along with Shivali, Kumar, Madthu, Gajendra, Tamar, Meeta, Jabbar, Cecilia, Linda, Narisco, Kabir & Aishwarya, Rajakumari, Irfan and many other loved partners... Thank you!

Jen Loomis

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