Sleeping On A Cloud - the Jaipur Quilt Story

Sleeping On A Cloud - the Jaipur Quilt Story

Having slept under cotton Jaipur quilts for many years, I can't see going back to traditional western bedding. The combination of the lightest weight and softest cottons with the fluffy cotton filling makes for such a sweet night's rest. The colder the night, just add another quilt. Then there is the pleasure of the visual beauty of the block prints!

 Jaipur reversible all cotton quilts are made by hand by village artisans in a tradition dating centuries back. The secret to a quality quilt is in the carding and fluffing of the natural cotton used in the interior of the quilt and the lightest of cotton voile fabric.


Carding is an elaborate procedure that prepares cotton to be used as a filling in quilts. the purpose being to remove dross from cotton, which is the waste material. After carding, only soft and fine fibers remain behind.


(photos from Jaipur Quilts by Krystyna Hellstrom)

The cotton is then is distributed evenly across the quilt. This part is crucial for imparting warmth and cosiness to the handmade quilt. The lighter the quilt and the more evenly filled, the warmer and more comfortable the quilt is. 



The front and back of the quilt is premium quality oh so soft and silky cotton voile which has been hand block printed in the traditional Jaipur Sanganeri prints that the whole world loves. The layers are then stitched together in a running stitch, holding the cotton in place. Two skilled women can stitch up to two quilts a day. 


  • Easy care. *
  • Lightweight and warm.
  • Beautiful. Hand block printed.
  • Pure and natural cotton inside and out.
  • Jaipur Quilts. 

Marigold Way offers Jaipur Quilts in King, Queen, Twin and Lap Throw/Baby Sizes.

 * Machine wash gentle, cold. Delicate dryer. Dry Clean for longest life. 

Katrina Ulrich


Katrina Ulrich

They are beautiful and the colors are stunning.

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