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Aromatherapy Gift Set!! Men's Soap & Fragrance

$32.00 $20.00

These bottles are deceptively small. They contain long lasting, highly concentrated fragrances blended with natural essential oils. Just a little dab on the wrist, neck or other pulse points and you are good to go for the entire day --- or night.

Natural blends of botanical oils and extracts have produced these profoundly pure soaps. Our soaps are triple milled for long lasting, smooth application of pure self-indulgent cleansing. Whichever fragrance he chooses, his skin will be richly nourished and softly exude subtle hints of our manly aromatics.
CEDAR LAVENDER - relaxing or OLIBANUM CITRUS - revitalizing

Each set contains one 100g triple milled soap and one 10 ml fragrance


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