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Mens Soap & Fragrance ~ Orange Patchouli

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The eternal mystique of Frankincense in Olibanum Citrus is playfully softened with fresh fruit notes. It quiets the mind yet revitalizes the soul.

These bottles are deceptively small. They contain long lasting, highly concentrated fragrances blended with natural essential oils. Just a little dab on the wrist, neck or other pulse points and you are good to go for the entire day --- or night.

Natural blends of botanical oils and extracts have produced these profoundly pure soaps. Our soaps are triple milled for long lasting, smooth application of pure self-indulgent cleansing. Whichever fragrance he chooses, his skin will be richly nourished and softly exude subtle hints of our manly aromatics.
CEDAR LAVENDER - relaxing or OLIBANUM CITRUS - revitalizing

Each set contains one 100g triple milled soap and one 10 ml fragrance

MAROMA is a conscientious producer of home and body care products and is a leader since 1977 for natural fragrances and natural insect deterrents. Specializing in home fragrances and natural body care, our products are made with care for the environment and concern for social development.

The name Maroma comes from Ma-the Mother, Aroma-the fragrance, Om-the universal sound, and finally back again to Ma-mother.

Maroma is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade Forum India

All products are cruelty free. No animal testing.

Packaging is eco friendly ~ packed in recycled handmade paper from cotton fabric, which in turn is also recyclable.

Maroma creates fragrances for their products using natural essential oils. All the fragrances comply with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines for consumer safety. Body Care products are produced without parabens, pegs and phenoxiethanol and comply with international natural body care standards.

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