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Wool Felt Ornaments ~ Kyrgyzstan

$32.00 $28.00

From their studio in Brooklyn, NY,vthis company works with women artisans in developing countries to preserve traditional crafts and to cultivate the skills once passed on from mother to daughter as a way to support local communities. Together, they design and hand-make gifts and ornaments so rich in spirit they inspire adventure everywhere they land. 

They work always to honor the beauty and magic of their artisans’ craft, to share it with the world, and to connect people and communities through meaningful giving. In doing so, they hope to contribute to a culture of thoughtfulness, to celebrate a sense of wonder and to advocate creativity and play.

They believe that a more connected world is made by hand. With wool. And water. And play.They believe that the simple act of gift giving is magical and that it carries amazing, tangible potential.They believe that good design can be a spectacular tool for development.

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