The Marigold Way Story


Katrina spent a love-filled childhood in Madagascar and India with strong family ties back in Minnesota. After living, loving and raising her 3 courageous daughters in the Washington D.C. area, Katrina returned to India in 2002 and re-ignited her soul's passion of supporting and serving communities, building friendships and helping them thrive.

Katrina started Red Persimmon Imports to market the products of Blue Mango Trust, an income-generation program started by her sister, Tamar DeJong at her home in rural South India.

Blue Mango is a sustainable business run by and for marginalized women who are widowed, disabled, living with HIV/AIDS, or living in extreme poverty. Within this supportive infrastructure, women are able to gain financial stability and self-reliance. We hope through socially conscious groups like Blue Mango, those who are stigmatized will find greater respect and support from their larger communities.

Our Future...

Katrina and Jenny have joined efforts and are excited to announce our first storefront - Marigold Way - located in the heart of the NE Minneapolis Arts District and set to open in the Spring of 2018.

The mission remains the same; but our vision expands to further support our global artisan friends:

  • Storefront in NE Minneapolis
  • Online Sales at:
  • Original Designs for textile and paper products
  • Artisan Tours of India during the winter months
  • Wholesale connector to fair trade products

Countless rickshaw rides through busy roads and rural lanes have yielded the soulful connections who craft their designs; so we can bring them to you. No doubt countless more rickshaw rides are in our future as we search out new friends and design new treasures.

Marigold Way's future is bright and you are welcome to share our journeys with along the way.

Quality & Style

We curate our products for quality and respectfully source directly from the artisan families and villages who lovingly craft each piece and sell directly to us. Ask us about each piece's story - full of history, culture, traditional techniques and our friendships.

At Marigold Way, you may look forward to only the finest quality materials and attention to detail in craftsmanship. As always, we are committed to fair trade practices. In most cases, we work with the artisans directly and they are able to support their families and send their children to school.

We will offer more sizes, designs and styles for clothing. We are stocking handmade quilts in all sizes. Original designs will be developed for our favorite products. Wholesale clients can be guaranteed unique designs as well as dependable quality and quantity.

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