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is all about Freedom...

Everyone has his or her own definition of freedom. Marigold Way embraces freedom by owning a socially conscious business, teaching, and traveling. 

By offering you the chance to experience the world  I experience in India, we are doing something very tangible to make the  world a better place. Thank you for joining us. — Katrina & Jenny

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North India ~ Textile Tour

Learn about India's ancient and contemporary textile traditions in the studios and production units of Delhi. Learn hands on the fascinating and creative craft of hand block printing with pigment dyes and dabu (mud paste resist) printing with indigo dyeing in Sanganer and Bagru with a 3 full days of workshops. Let's explore my favorite bazaars and boutiques for delightful and irresistable shopping. Listen to the stories of two local jewelry artists in Jaipur and get to know them and their jewelry lines.  Enjoy a day in a tucked away village with a socially conscious rug company. Throw in a bit of sightseeing and meals at fabulous restaurants and you are in for a magical adventure.

The Joy of South India Tour

I spent the first 8 years of my visits to India in the south volunteering at Blue Mango Trust and exploring the cities, villages and areas in the south. Like the landscapes of my childhood, the groves of coconut palms spring up amid bright green squares of rice paddies with surrounding mountains and warm waters lap white sand beaches. I am in love with the south and want to share it with you.

Join me on these personalized small group 11-day 12-nights adventures discovering the traditional textile and craft traditions of India.

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