Save paper by using the Papati Coffee Cozy, made with love with fabric scraps by the women of Blue Mango Trust, a women’s income generation program in South India.

100% proceeds from sales of the coffee cozy are donated to Blue Mango's after school tuition program for the women's children.With initial funding from Blue Mango Founder, Tamar DeJong's father’s memorial fund and donations from family and friends, Blue Mango started the program. 

The tuition center's name is Papati, the South Indian Tamil word for butterfly. The name comes from the imagery of a real butterfly that wouldn’t stop circling around family members at Carl Ulrich's grave site.

Butterflies are a symbol of new life in many cultures, and this is what this tuition center is about… giving a chance for kids to break out of a cocoon and still keep their roots as sacred. The Papa in Papati also refers to Tamar's father. 

100% Cotton Print, Washable.

Assorted prints. Let us choose for you!

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