Pure Cashmere Wrap ~ 11 colors

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Our genuine, high quality and luxurious 100% cashmere wraps are handwoven for us by two families in Kashmir, India.

Our wraps are woven on handlooms in their natural colors then some of them are individually hand dyed resulting in the delicate and vibrant wrap that Marigold Way offers.

Ibex goats live 10,000 feet or higher in the Himalayan mountains. In the winter, to protect themselves from the extreme cold, these goats grow an ultra fine layer of down which is called cashmere. In the spring the goats rub their bellies on shrubs and the cashmere is collected in the summertime, woven into fine yarn and hand woven on traditional looms into wraps, shawls and scarves. 

Cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool. Wraps are also significantly lighter than wool if made from pure 100% cashmere.

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