Save time and money. Soften your clothes, reduce static cling, and reduce wrinkling NATURALLY! A natural alternative to dryer sheets, alpaca dryer balls are hypoallergenic and contain no chemicals or artificial odors. 

Simply put the alpaca dryer balls in with your load of wet laundry and dry using your normal dryer setting. When your load of laundry is done, simply leave them in the dryer to use for your next load. That’s it! 

Alpaca dryer balls reduce drying time by absorbing the moisture from your clothes in the dryer and releases it more quickly. Therefore, your load of laundry dries more quickly. Less drying time can mean a lower electric bill.

Alpaca dryer balls help reduce static electricity and soften your clothes while they tumble in your dryer with a load of clothes. The dryer balls beat against your clothing as they tumble, this tumbling action helps reduce static cling and reduce wrinkles plus your clothes will feel soft.

They can last for years. If they get a little fuzzy or you feel they need more felting, you can either give them a haircut or put them in a nylon sock and send them through a hot laundry cycle. Then, tumble dry while still in the nylon sock.

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